Frequently Asked Questions about the Labrador retriever

Are Labradors sniffers?

Yes, definitely, Labradors have strong noses that are amazing for sniffing, and that is why most of them are trained to sniff out drug peddlers, cancer in early-level patients and dead animals during hunting.

Do Labrador retrievers have health issues?

Unfortunately, Labradors also suffer from health issues just like every other dog. But the sickness peculiar to their breed contain obesity, joint issues, cataracts, heart disease, and ear infections.

Do Labrador retrievers bark like other dogs?

Yes, definitely, all dogs bark with the inclusion of the Labrador. But the Labrador does not bark at all times, except at the sight of risk or suspicious movements. Half of the time, they are silent.

Where can I buy a Labrador retriever?

Contact us today to learn more about the accessibility of our lab puppies. There are lots of dog's adoption/breeder centers everywhere and you can make best use of the internet to search for real and genuine breeders near you.